After the Resurrection…Now what?

With Holy Week and now Easter complete where does the church want us to focus our spiritual attention? These post-Easter weeks carry us forward to yet another wonderful Feast, Pentecost. Although 50 days away, we are to enjoy the many times that Jesus returned and appeared to His followers. The challenge is to be able to carry the joyfulness, of Easters Alleluia’s, throughout the upcoming Pentecost season. Liturgist, Nathan Mitchell offers some suggestions about how to achieve such a worthy goal.
“Fifty days of ‘dwelling in’ the paschal mystery! Fifty days of surrendering in joyful faith and love as the Spirit of God takes possession of our lives! Fifty days of mystagogy (to understand the great Easter mystery), of walking with the neophytes (Kay, our newly baptized) ever more deeply into the baptismal mysteries of death and resurrection. Good heaven! What an order! It is a time of intensified consciousness, finely attuned awareness, awakened memory. In short, Pentecost is a season for learning how to say yes in a culture that wants to keep on saying no.” (Mitchell: The Blessed Pentecost)
In short, we are to stay fully aware of Gods continued presence in our faith-lives. As with any celebration, birthdays, anniversaries, an engagement, getting promoted or graduated…we should hold on to the excitement of those occasions…don’t let them fade! This indeed is the season of the Lord, it’s our time to bask in the radiance of the empty tomb and the resurrection of the Lord. In today’s language we would say, ‘party on’… Jesus would say, ‘absolutely!”
Easter blessings,