Healing and a New Life

Every Gospel reading is helpful for both our present lives and the life to come, Eternal Life. Todays reading sums up all the hopes of our Christian faith, there is life after death for those who believe in Jesus and Resurrection. Jesus has two wonderful examples in the persons of a woman suffering from a hemorrhage, and a young girl who recently died. Both are given new lives, one spiritually and the other physically.
An interesting fact to understanding this story came to me while reading St. Peter Chrysologus. He noted that this gospel-lesson highlights the fact that Jesus is everywhere and anywhere He needs to be. There’s no need to move God to another place, (“if you but come to our house and lay your hands on her”), nor demand His physical presence, (“if I but touch his clothes, I’ll be cured”). He can accomplish the Fathers Will by a mere word or command. We saw that winds were calmed, people were free from possessions, Lazarus was brought back to life, and now these two women are healed through His intercession. Both women are used to show Jesus putting disease and death to flight whether He was near or far from them.
Our lesson and encouragement are that for God, death is sleep.  And for us, if we have faith in Jesus and His resurrection, the same applies.  Our Responsorial Psalm sums it up like this: ”I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.”  This is our plea-prayer of thanksgiving that acknowledges that we have been made safe from anything, or anyone, who can harm us.  We are to be preserved from death and that’s the ultimate source of encouragement for us!  Our ‘acting in faith’ demands some risk -taking, but Jesus risked His entire life so that we could be free from sin and death.  Do you have enough faith to trust your needs to Him?  Speak your needs and He will be with you.