If you’re Catholic, you understand the Holy Trinity

Happy Parish Feast day! Yes, today we celebrate the patron of our parish and the entire Catholic world joins with us. For centuries the Christian world has repeatedly asked itself how one God could be comprised of three persons. We had St. Patrick with the shamrock, one sprig with three leaves, and many other attempts to describe the mystery of the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Sure, it’s a mystery but to say that we cannot comprehend or understand what it means for God to be Trinity is not true. We try to understand all the complexities of the universe, and although we still marvel and wonder, we know that it exists.
When asked what true love is, we may try to define it, but do we really do justice in explaining it to someone? Yet, here too, we know that it exists, but we remain not completely able to explain it. The Early Church Fathers used the image of the sun to speak of the Trinity. The sun represented the Father, the light represented the Son, and its heat represented the Holy Spirit. There you have it, one reality with three distinct components, yet one.
If you are Catholic, then you are constantly reminding yourself of the Holy Trinity. Every time you make the sign of the cross or dip your hand into the holy water font you are making a Trinity gesture. Whenever a priest or deacon gives you a blessing they call upon the Trinity to strengthen your faith, fill you with gratitude, and encourage your sense of wonder about our loving God.
Never lose the sense of wonder about the Trinity. Never stop trying to understand its magnificence. Ask questions, discuss it with others, and remember His command to “go out and make the family bigger, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”
A Trinity believer,