Jesus’ family thinks he is ‘out of his mind’!

Even those who loved Him thought His teachings were a little extreme. Today’s Gospel-lesson includes this interesting passage “when his family heard of this, they set out to seize him, for they said, He is out of His mind!” This one of those gospel passages that make you wonder ‘why in the world’ did the gospel writer include this in their writings about Jesus’ ministry? Perhaps if they said something like, even his brothers did not believe in him’, it would be easier to handle they saying he was out of his mind! No, this is the way it happened, so tell it like it is. That’s what the gospel is…the Word of God reported by those who heard or saw it for themselves.
Now, let’s get something clear…Jesus’ teachings were hardly orthodox. He wasn’t preaching or teaching exactly what the other Rabbis were saying. Perhaps His family felt His behavior was shaming them…so quick, let’s get him out of here! But this behavior of theirs really exposed them to be the real ‘outsiders’ from Jesus. First, they were literally outside of the house where He was, and secondly because they didn’t understand his message, they were outside of hearing the true message.
Yes, His family took some of His teachings personally but, they took it in the wrong way. They oftentimes failed to comprehend the meaning and delivery of His messages. For them, He was too much at times. How about you? Are there times when Jesus’ teachings are too much for you? Are you able to be strong in your faith when you try to practice it in your daily lives? Even if people think you are crazy or tell others that you are a ‘religious fanatic’? Remember that He said that “whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother.”
One of His brothers,