Jesus said to the crowds: “This is how it is with the Kingdom of God”

This is an interesting line that leads us into today’s gospel, but do we ever get an
explanation of the two parables he tells? The answer is: No! He says that, it is as
if a man were to scatter seed on the land, it sprouts and grows, and he knows not
how it happens. Is this guy a farmer or a city-slicker who happened to find some
seed, tossed it in an empty field, and then returned to find acres of corn or beans?
Remember, it’s a parable, a story with a bigger lesson. Then there’s the parable
about a tiny mustard seed yielding a large plant that can house a flock of birds.
Again, where’s the explanation? Well, there is none given by Jesus.
Well, here is how I interpret these stories of Jesus. We had a need for volunteers
to sit at our reception desk and welcome anyone who needed assistance. We
asked for help and people cheerfully volunteered. The word was spoken, was
watered with prayer, and volunteers came forward. That’s how it is in the Kingdom
of God. More altar servers were needed, we asked for help, the Bulletin
announcement was repeated for several weeks, and now we have plenty of
servers. That’s how it is in the Kingdom of God! And then it was our turn to host
Family Promise, we had several families stay with us for the week, we welcomed
them, they had a joyful stay, they needed more permanent homes, we prayed for
them, then two of the families received permanent housing. That’s how it is in the
Kingdom of God.
Is there a secret to understanding these parables of Jesus and how they relate to
us and our lives? Well, it’s no secret at all. We must cooperate with God’s grace
and follow His plan. That’s how it is in the Kingdom of God. Once we are open to
His power then it becomes easier to understand what He has in store for us. We
aren’t seeds, we are His people. Go ahead, sprout and be fruitful! Don’t worry
how, or when, or where. That isn’t how it is, in the Kingdom of God! Just be open!
One of His sowers,