Now…hear This!

That’s what John the Baptist was to proclaim once he began his ministry to let the world know that his cousin, Jesus, would usher in a new era of God’s kingdom for all people. Here we are in June, and we are anticipating that in six months we will be celebrating another Christmas. Aren’t we jumping the gun and rushing the season? Aren’t we even planning before the stores have put out this year’s assortment of artificial trees and lights? Has the church even begun before Halloween when the season really begins? (only joking). But why are we celebrating the birth of John the Baptist? Because Good News knows no season or time…. right now, is as good a time, to hear it, as it will be in December.

A parishioner shared with me a church bulletin they picked up on a recent trip. It had an interesting message of welcome that John the Baptist would be proud to proclaim. It read:
No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church.
No matter your current family or marital situation.
No matter your personal history, age, income, background,
gender, race, ethnicity, or spirituality.
No matter your own self-image of holiness or virtue.
You belong to Jesus Christ and you belong to us!
You are invited, accepted, and respected here at our parish.
We want to share our Roman Catholic way of faith and life in
Jesus Christ with you.
Agnus Day: