“Sir, we wish to see Jesus”

This one, powerful statement, by these visiting Greeks who came to celebrate the Jewish Passover feast, says many things about them and their request. Do they really ‘just’ want to see Jesus? Is that all they want? Is there any hidden motive in their request? Scripture scholars tell us that these men represent the world. It’s this world, our world, that God loves and saves. These Greek visitors also, in a certain way, want to see Jesus? ‘Just’ want to be in His presence? ‘Just want to be close to Him?
Our faith repeatedly tells us that we should have a relationship with the Lord. Our church constantly informs us that the closer we get to Him, the better off we’ll be. Sounds logical doesn’t it? Stay close to Jesus and you’ll be far from anything not good, not holy, or improper. We should strive to be like these Greek visitors, and ask to see Jesus in our prayers, in our attendance at Mass, and in our encounters with one another. We also should imitate them by not asking for any proof. They didn’t want a summary of His ministry nor His preaching. They just want to see Him. Is that all? Is that ‘it’? Seems so! They probably just wanted an informal time to chat with Him, maybe share a good meal and some wine, and perhaps let Him listen to their life stories. There must have been something, in them, that stirred up a curiosity that just being in His presence would be a divine moment. That’s it…they were on to something, thinking that way. And just maybe…they wanted to be surprised by what could happen by spending time with Him.
As we enter the second half of our Lenten season…why not try to spend some time with Jesus. You pick the time and place but just make sure that you can dedicate more then a few minutes with Him. If you aren’t sure where to begin…borrow the words of the men in today's Gospel with a slight alteration,” I want to see you, Jesus.” You will not regret doing that and the Lord will be pleased to give you His time.
Lenten joy,