“Tell no one" …No Way!

This gospel has been described with the Latin phrase, ’mysterium tremendum’… wondrous fascination and attraction, together with a stunning sense of one’s own littleness, and incapacity, both at the same time (Richard Rohr, OFM]. This really summarized the mountaintop experience that Peter, James and John had that day with Jesus….it was a “WOW” moment for them and us, indirectly. They saw Christ’s glory and Peter reacted the way most of us would….let’s stay here and enjoy the moment and hope it doesn’t end.
The Transfiguration of Jesus, his outward appearance becoming dazzling white, was about to wake up a sleepy bunch of His followers…not from physical sleep but from their spiritual drowsiness. He was trying to get them to accept who He really was, so they could eventually tell others about Him, but not yet! Knowing Him, yet not fully knowing, getting it but not fully getting it. Isn’t that they way it is when God decides to reveal Himself to us…50/50…we only catch half of what’s being presented sometimes? Unless you are a true Mystic and ‘get it’ all on the spot.
An interesting fact about today's gospel-message is that it was a once in a lifetime experience for them. Yes, they had other opportunities to be in His divine presence but not like this. Going back to what my friend, and fellow Franciscan, Richard Rohr writes: “Jesus, are such experiences just about you or are they also about us? Do you want us to think higher of you, or higher of ourselves because of you? Why do you take us along on such journeys at all?” He told them not to tell anyone about this event…He tells us now to ‘go out to all the world and tell this Good News’! Then is not now…silence is replaced with our voices.
Trying to tell everyone about Jesus,