A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Lesson 111 Encountering Jesus

“Jesus went around to all the towns and villages” (Matt 9:32-38)
Jesus went to the towns and villages. He talked to the people; He wanted to know them, to know their families, their needs and wants. Jesus did not have any kind of complex plan, nor did He have an advance team as a preview of His good news. He simply went to the towns and villages; He presented Himself to the people. He listened to them, He treated them with kindness.
Every weekend Mass offers an opportunity to “greet those around us” before we begin the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Let’s take this stewardship opportunity to truly befriend those we meet every week; to perhaps lead us to an encounter with Jesus.
          Offerings      $7,520.88                        Candles $305.04
          Thrift Store      $860.01          Catholic Charities $50.00
                MMR*      $2,923.00
                                        TOTAL $11,658.93
* Major Maintenance and Repair

Executive Summary of Stewardship Committee Meeting July 24, 2018

Executive Summary of Stewardship Committee Meeting July 24, 2018
The Stewardship Committee meeting was opened with a Prayer by Fr Mike at 7pm. The Executive Summary June 6, 2018 was approved.
Current Business: Committee Reports: Maintenance: Gates have been installed; activation continues. The fence installation will be complete by end of July. Adult Faith: Last movie night and Dr. Nimo's presentation reviewed. Attendance discussed. Another movie night planned for September. An Advent presentation scheduled for December. Fr Rathschmidt will present a Lenten mission on February 18, 19, and 20. Ministry Weekend: will be during November.
Upcoming Business: In addition to the Advent presentation, there will be a Penance service and an evening of recollection. The Diocesan Pillars of our Faith: Prayer, Formation, Hospitality and Service will be featured as a prelude to Ministry Weekend.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 11 at 7pm. The meeting was closed at 7:55pm with a prayer for Fr Mike’s restful vacation and safe return to Holy Trinity.