A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Lesson 103 Random Acts

Peter healed a beggar, but gave credit to Jesus. We, as well, are called upon to do good
deeds…to help others. Like with Peter, good deeds will have a positive effect on others.
Our positive acts might even help others to believe in God’s love.

Good stewardship asks that we perform good deeds…even random acts of kindness.
Today, let’s make it a point to be compassionate to one another; we might be surprised
that our good deeds could become infectious and perhaps bring us closer to Jesus.

“We Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity”
Summary of Weekly Offerings June 2 and 3, 2018
Offerings             7,738.88                    MMR*                 510.00
Father’s Day           297.00                    Candles              240.00
Thrift Shop             727.15                    Peter's Pence       50.00
TOTAL    $9,564.03

* Major Maintenance and Repair

Executive Summary of Stewardship Committee Meeting June 6, 2018

The Stewardship Committee meeting was opened with a Prayer by Fr Mike at 7 pm.
The Executive Summary of April 11, 2018 was approved as submitted.

Current Business: The recent special collection for the Augustine Educational Foundation (for Catholic
Education), put Holy Trinity Church as the top parish in the Diocese, approximately $17,000. We
will be able to assist more Holy Trinity children to afford catholic school. Fr Mike reported on the successful Episcopal Visit by Bishop Larry Silva and the Confirmation of our
young adults.

Holy Trinity has had 17 new families registered, but only 2 were able to attend the introductory “meet
and greet” session. The session was well received by those in attendance and the committee will consider
a second session at a more convenient time for those unable to meet.
New Business: Our Adult Faith Formation team will be meeting this month to plan an Advent Stewardship
Recollection, including prayer commitments.

The committee is planning to feature the diocesan pillars of our faith: Prayer, Formation, Hospitality
and Service. The committee is also looking into a “telephone chain” to keep homebound and those
parishioners temporarily unable to attend Mass to keep in touch.
A planning discussion for Ministry Weekend led the committee to focus on specific ministries which
needed more help: church cleaning, bereavement, Thrift Shop, parking, hospitality, CCD/religious education
and social activities.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 24 at 7pm.
The meeting was closed (with a recollection on Veterans on this anniversary of D Day) by the chair at 8:15pm.