A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Reflection 206

Got A Favorite Uncle?

I pray...that they may all be one.” (John 17:20-21)
A friend tells the story of his favorite Uncle. Perhaps a true relative...maybe a “calabash” Uncle. He is the one...always the life of the party, the one everyone likes to socialize or “hang” with. He’s the one who brings the “best” birthday present; the one who always came to those Little League games, cheering the loudest, the one who would slip you a five or a ten dollar bill for gas money. Then one day, you hear that he had to relocate...for medical a different climate...he’s doing well, only he’s far away. Today we utilize text, email and zoom to keep in contact, but in Jesus’ time, it was different. Imagine yourself in the upper room, with Jesus, enjoying His companionship, only to hear Him say that He will soon leave. He will leave to “join His Father.” We look around that upper room, at our fellow Apostles and wonder, “ will we handle this?” We hear that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to guide us. We do not yet understand what He is saying...but we will...and we did through the Sacraments. If we had the opportunity to look into Jesus’ eyes, we’d feel, in Him, the confidence of the Holy Spirit to come. Today, we can do this through the Eucharist at Mass together with our fellow parishioners at Holy Trinity. Keep the faith...continue Stewardship.

"You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity”

Summary of Weekly Offerings for Mail-In and eGiving for the weekend of May 30/31, 2020
Offerings                     $20,525
Easter                              $200
MMR                            $1,665
Fathers Day                    $220
Catholic Comm               $175
Total                           $22,785
Thank you for your generous giving.

Stewardship and Some Good News on the CoronaVirus #11

GOOD NEWS as week 11 begins, we are now entering our second week of celebrating Mass at Holy Trinity Church as Fr Mike’s successful social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing policy became a reality. 
The coronavirus is still with us but Phase 2, our “new normal,” is going well.  Look for Fr Mike's announcements re Mass schedule and our "new normal" distancing requirements to keep us all safe. They will be posted on our website Let’s continue the virtue of patience. Let’s join with Pope Francis and pray for an end to this pandemic.
And now, for more good news:
  1. The Journal of Natural Climate Change has reported that carbon emissions are at their lowest level since WW2.
  2. Most Libraries in Hawaii are now offering a “will call service;” check out the online catalog “Library Take Out.”
  3. McCarran Airport (Las Vegas) sells PPE in vending machines.
  4. Las Vegas casinos will be opening...but when you return from the 9th may face the 14 day Hawaii quarantine.
  5. SpaceX has successfully launched the first manned space shuttle in 9 years. The NASA astronauts reached the ISS after a 19 hour flight.
  6. Washing your hands is still the best and least expensive method to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  7. When it comes to CoronaVirus...common sense is not so common...chose common sense anyway. Keep wearing your mask.
  8. Keeping up to date with Holy Trinity...easy. Check our website for the latest news and do make your reservation for Mass at 
Remember the value of what we have is truly realized only when lost. We’re learning to value our health and to care for one another. It’s the prayer of Stewardship at Holy Trinity that when this is over...that we remember the sacrifices we’ve made and learn to appreciate what we  have.  Let’s look forward to returning to the “new normal” church, our seat and most of the neighbor sitting beside us...even if at 6 feet away. Let’s remember the value of what we have when the good times return. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home; look forward to  Seeing you in the gym at Mass.