One-Time Mass Time Registration

Masses are being celebrated in the gym. Because health and safety is necessary, there are 130 seats available for each Mass.  We ask that you click on the button below and register for the Masses you are likely to attend in a given week. Once you you have registered, you will not have to re-register for future weeks.
The Registration list will help us if we need to do any contact tracing. The information is not shared with anyone. Enter your email, name, check all of your Masses for your regular schedule, and enter the number of people in your group.

One-Time Registration 


If you know someone without internet access, please them to register. Please help the limited office staff during these trying times.

The following is a list of things that will be the norm until the pandemic is over.


  • Masses are in the gym
  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to Mass
  • Keep a 6 ft separation in the line to enter and leave the gym.
  • Do not congregate near the doors before or after Mass.


  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Everyone over 4 years old must wear a mask
  • Hands will be sanitized upon entry
  • All seats are sanitized in advance of each Mass

SEATING (see picture at top of page)

  • Seats for weekend Masses are limited.
  • Seats are spaced 6 ft apart
  • Seats are arranged in rows of singles and doubles
  • Singles should take a single seat.
  • Seats are not assigned
  • Only people from the same household can share a double seat
  • If your household group is an odd number, please have 1 member sit in a single seat
  • No seats should be moved, except by the ushers to accommodate wheelchairs


  • Masses are shorter, sp arrive on time.
  • Everyone remains seated during the entire Mass
  • There is no choir or singing to lessen airborne particles
  • Communion is brought to you at your seat. Remain seated for receiving Communion
  • Wait until the server goes to the person after you to consume the Host
  • Communion on the hand (one hand held open above the other)
  • All parishioners will leave by rows, under the direction of the ushers
  • Collection baskets are at the exit.