Faith Groups

Basic Christian Community:

BCC of Hawaii is a lay movement in the Catholic Church, with Diocesan approval. We offer 5 adult and 3 youth retreats per year. Weekly cell groups meet in various places around the island. Vicar General Gary Secor and Sr. Mary Jo McEnany of the Benedictine Monastery are our spiritual directors.

Purpose: To praise and worship our Creator via the rosary, music, studying His Word, sharing our spiritual walks with one another, and intercessory prayer.

Our mission is to intensify our sense of God in our lives and to enlarge the circle of family in the Church.

When and Where: We meet each Thursday evening at the home of Don and Phyllis Young on Mariner’s Ridge (909 Kahauloa Place) from 7:15pm to 9:30pm. After our meeting, there is an optional time (30 minutes) for communal coffee and dessert.

Time Invested: Two hours per week.

Skills required: An openness to God’s presence in our lives, both as individuals and as community.

Contacts: For more information, please contact Phyllis at 808-395-6694.

Charismatic Prayer Group:

The purpose of the Prayer Group is to establish or deepen a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ and lead us to experience an awakening of the gifts and fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT bestowed at Baptism and Confirmation. Vicar General Gary Secor and Fr. Patrick Fanning, SSCC, are our Diocesan Liaisons.

Attending the weekly Prayer Group people find: The LORD’s peace and joy reigning in ways not previously experienced. Scripture becomes alive, with words seemingly jumping out while reading or studying them.

The Prayer Group’s goal is to increase personal faith commitments throughout the diocese and a strong desire for more and deeper prayer life. The Prayer Group also provides a “Life in the Spirit Seminar” which consists of seven talks that are conducted as either a weekend retreat or a series of weekly meetings.

Contact: For more information, please contact Ron Livingston, 808-258-1898.

Scripture Sharing Group:

Purpose: To deepen our faith as members of a small faith-sharing group. To study the Sunday readings and reflect upon their application to our daily lives.

When: One Thursday night a month, normally 3rd Thursday.

Where: RCIA room in the rectory, second floor.

Time Invested: One hour session, 7pm to 8pm.

Training: None (At Home with the Word booklet is utilized).

Skills Required: Able to read and speak.

Contacts: Frank & Lillian Chang: 808-395-6231.

Mom’s Group:

Purpose: MOMs is a Catholic Ministry of Mothers that provides a supportive environment to women of all faiths. Our monthly meetings cultivate spiritual devotion by coming together to share the trials and treasures of motherhood through prayer, discussion, keynote speakers and service to our local community.We are currently looking for someone to restart this group! Please contact the church office if you have a desire to do so.

Contacts: 396-0551, email

The Neocatechumenal Way

also known as the Neocatechumenate.

The Way is an organization within the Catholic Church dedicated to the Christian formation of adults. It was formed in Madrid in 1964 and received formal approval from the Holy See in 2008.

Taking its inspiration from the catechumenate of the early Catholic Church, it provides post-baptismal formation to adults who are already members of the Church. It also runs 100 seminaries in various locations, and is responsible for hundreds of "families in mission," living in many cities around the World.

The Neocatechumenate is formed as small, parish-based communities of between 20-50 people. In 2007 there were around 40,000 such communities throughout the World, with an estimated million members. Holy Trinity Parish has one community comprised of approximately 20 adults ranging in ages from 30s to 80s that had it inception in 2001. There are other communities based at St. John the Baptist- Kalihi, Our Lady of Good Counsel and a number on Maui, primarily at St. Joseph’s.

The Way describes is a community at the service of the Bishops as a form of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in faith, in accordance with the indications of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Church”. It provides an ongoing education in faith and a service of catechesis. It is implemented in dioceses under the jurisdiction the bishop and the guidance of the Responsible Team of the Way “according to the lines proposed by its initiators”.

Sunday Night Bible Group:

Purpose: The Sunday Night Bible Study and Sharing Group is made up of everyday people who want to pray together, study the word of God, and share it with each other. We understand that the word of God needs to be the work of God and must be lived. There are no Bible scholars in our group, but we do have a desire to hear God’s word and share it with all.

When: We meet each Sunday Evening at 6pm - 7:30pm

Where: Parish Conference Center, where we share scripture and food.

Contact: For more information please contact Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.

Wednesday Morning Bible Group:

Purpose: To understand that the word of God needs to be the work of God and must be lived. There are no Bible scholars in our group, but we do have a desire to hear God’s word and share it with all. We study the next Sunday’s Mass readings.

When and Where:  We meet each Wednesday morning from 9 to 10 am to talk read and learn about the scriptures that will be read on the following Sunday

Time Invested: One hour per week.

Skills required: Heart for God’s Word.

Contact: For more information please contact Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.