COVID-19 Letter from the Executive Director
May 22, 2020
Family Promise of Hawaiʻi ‘Ohana,
What a wild few months it has been. We are incredibly warmed to see how the community has stepped up to support one another. Volunteerism has always been at the core of who we are as an organization and it’s inspiring to see this amplified as we cope with the impacts of COVID-19. Volunteerism at FPH will continue to look a little different for the remainder of 2020.
To preserve the safety and health of our guests, volunteers, staff, and community we will continue to suspend the operation of our emergency shelter rotational model through the end of 2020. While many of our congregation partners begin to create plans for how to reopen their facilities and practice social distancing, we are aware the Family Promise model would be difficult to implement at this time. We know our rotational shelter model will continue in the future, but we don’t want to reopen it until it is safe to do so.
During the suspension of our rotational shelter model, we will be partnering with Camp Mokuleia to shelter families at their facility for the remainder of 2020. This will allow us to continue to serve vulnerable families while safely practicing social distancing. Funding for this project will come from the Emergency Solutions Grant program which was awarded supplemental funding from the CARES Act.
We will continue to reach out in the days, weeks, and months ahead to let you know what our biggest needs are. We apologize if there is a delay in response as our team has been shifting their roles to support an unprecedented increase in demand for help.
With Much Aloha,
Samantha “Sam” Church, MSW
Executive Director
What is Family Promise?
Family Promise of Hawaii (FPH) is a non-profit organization that partners with various local congregations, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and community groups to provide housing and food for 3-5 homeless families for 1 week each quarter. These partners provide a safe place to sleep during the night, and during day hours, families go to the FPH Day Center in Honolulu where they receive case management services, financial literacy and housing support.
Holy Trinity’s Participation
In May 2008, Holy Trinity joined FPH as a host congregation. The families stay at our Makai House where they have their own rooms; a full kitchen; bathrooms/showers; laundry facilities; TV; Wi-fi. St. Augustine is our support congregation.
Participate in Family Promise 
If you can volunteer or lend a helping hand with Family Promise and haven’t had a chance to sign up. Pleasecontact the Parish office at 808-396-0551. We will have the coordinator for that task contact you.
Family Promise volunteer Listing Feb 2020
  • Provide administrative and operational oversight
  • Write bulletin announcements informing parishioners about upcoming host weeks
  • Report volunteer hours to Family Promise Headquarters (“FPH”)
  • Update Master Volunteer List
  • Schedule and chair Leadership Team meetings (approx. 8 times per year)
  • Attend FPH Coordinators meeting at the Kukui Street day center
Personal qualities: Enjoy working with wonderful volunteers who have compassion and love for those who are struggling economically and seeking a home for their families. If you have organizational, managerial and computer skills to share with us, we’d welcome your assistance.
Coordinator: Sr. Patty Chang
  • Prepare guestrooms--wipe down dusty surfaces, make beds, put out towel sets & toiletries
  • Place specified items in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, living room, laundry area, etc.
  • Double check the guestrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen areas are ready for the families’ needs
Meal Coordinator: Cheri Robertson
  • Dinner each night will consist of main dish, starch, drinks, veggies, dessert
  • Volunteers are encouraged to meet and join the families for dinner
Coordinator: Mary Hamilton (will inform volunteers of specific needs)
  • Food - eggs, bread, waffles, cereal, milk, juice, bottled water, canned goods
  • Paper goods – plates, utensils, cups, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Other – dish soap, laundry detergent, baby diapers and wipes
Coordinator: Shirley Fake
  • Vacuum all bedrooms (including 1-bedroom suite) occupied by families
  • Vacuum bedrooms and living room, picking up any items left on floor
  • Sweep and mop hallways, kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Empty trash in kitchen and bathroom
  • Clean toilets, scrub showers and tub
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Empty waste baskets in bedroom and trash cans throughout the house
  • Clean refrigerator and wipe its shelves and drawers
  • Wash and dry any dirty dishes and appliances (coffee maker, rice cooker, etc.) left in sink, on table and on counters
  • After all the above is done, shut all the windows, close and lock all the bedroom doors and door to pantry.
Laundry Coordinator: Peter Robertson
  • Wash/dry linens and other items used by guests during host week
  • Pick up/return laundry bags at the Makai House breezeway