Health and Welfare Ministries

Cancer Support Group

Our goal as the Holy Trinity cancer support group is to provide a sense of community, support and encouragement for those parishioners who are going through their journey with cancer or have completed their journey and the caregivers who accompany those on this journey.

This goal is accomplished through:

  • Prayer
  • Ho`olohe—listening to people’s concerns, worries, frustrations and fears
  • Encouraging group members to share their stories and experiences in a safe, confidential environment, giving them the opportunity to release these concerns, worries, frustrations, and fears
  • Providing information in a timely and sensitive manner
  • Being conscious, aware, and empathetic about what group members are going through

All kinds of cancer are represented in the group. All who are interested are encouraged to join the group. Meetings are two times a month. Meetings of the group are announced at Sunday Masses and through the parish bulletin.

A typical meeting starts with an opening prayer, introductions of anyone new to the group, individual sharing until each person has had a chance to share, information sharing, announcements, and an ending prayer.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551