covid-19 Updates

 Last Updated: Friday Apr 3 @ 3:00 pm.

From our Pastor, Fr. Mike:

Aloha to all of you who have now become my "Virtual Flock"...although in your absence I am tending to a new of 'my ducks' from our nearby lagoon has blessed me with 10 ducklings. They are beautiful, cute, and all over the place obediently following 'mother duck' who cares for them (their mother, not me!). Such small reminders of life are important not to overlook, especially given these interesting times.
With the safety of everyone in have properly concluded that Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil-Sunday public celebrations have been cancelled. [Check elsewhere on this site for On-Line Services and Masses]. This difficult decision was arrived at by Bishop Larry with the advice of his Priests Council and Consultors, keeping in mind the directives given by our Civil authorities.
What follows is a recap of what I want to share with you regarding various aspects of our parish given the SAH (Stay-At-Home) situation.

1- I continue to offer a private mass for your intentions. These Masses are called: 'Misa Pro Popolo'....Latin for Masses for the people. Know that you and your families are remembered in these masses.
2- Religious Education/C.C.D: since there are no physical classes happening...every student should have received, in the mail, resources that hopefully their parents will use to continue their faith lessons. Regarding those students who were preparing to receive Sacraments this Year...First Communion and Confirmation, the Bishops Office has cancelled al of the dates that were previously given to each parish. For obvious reasons a date at a later time will be given...when we know, you will know.
It is especially important that you parents of Religious Ed./CCD students that are preparing for sacraments, that you continue the lesson plans that were provided in this weeks mailing.
3- Support of the Parish, Financially: Mahalo to those of you who have mailed in your weekly Collection Envelopes... they have been coming in and are being deposited when there is enough to have a bank run. To those who continue their On-Line direct deposits...many thanks to you also. Our Bookkeeper tells me that most of our regular contributors have continued sharing their resources. Please know that in the past 2 weeks I have discontinued or asked that any nonessential services or supplies be adjusted until we are back to normal operations...all of the companies or services that we use have been understandably cooperative. Bishop Larry has also tried to relieve some of the financial burden that our parishes usually are responsible for. He has released each parish from paying the monthly Diocesan Assessment for the months of March and April...for us that means a savings of almost $25,000.00. After April 30th he will reassess the situation and move forward accordingly.
We have two tenants, Easter Seals and Kamaaina Kids Pre-School. Kamaaina Kids continues to use our facility since they are providing child care for 'essential workers'. Easter Seals employees are working from their homes and one of their workers will be coming weekly to pickup their mail and check on their offices. Praise God, both are still paying their monthly rent to the parish.
4- Many of have inquired about Office volunteers and staff far as I know everyone is healthy and remaining at home. Both our volunteers and staff are not needed during these trying times and hopefully will resume duties when the pandemic is over. Our Bookkeeper does come in one morning per week to handle anything that arrives by mail...bills and collection envelopes/donations....etc
5-Please stay well, say your prayers, and remind one another how special they are to you and others.
God's blessings and mine,
Fr. Mike


All liturgical celebrations from now through April 30 are canceled, including those during Holy Week, the Paschal Triduum, and Easter Sunday.

Here is an uplighting song in honor of St Patrick