Benchmark of a Healthy Parish: Supportive Parishioners

For the past few issues of this Bulletin, I have been sharing what our Diocese believes to be the “Benchmarks of a Healthy Parish. Today I am happy to share with you the “End of the Year Financial Report” for the period of July 1,2018 to June 30, 2019. Overall, we are in the “black” since our Income ($812,166.) exceeds our Expenses ($769,313.). If you look at the report, you will see that Offertory Collection was some $7,313.00 dollars more than last year and other Income that continues to carry us is the Rental, Gym Use, Food Fest and Thrift shop income. Each of these areas supplement the Offertory collections and allow us to experience a slight but continued financial situation.
Areas that I have been particularly watching, in our Expenses, are: Employment Costs, Repairs & Maintenance, Supplies and Utility Use. In each of these areas I, and our staff and volunteers, have been conscientious in making sure that time and resources are properly put to their best use. A recent change, that has saved us one complete salary, are the volunteers who take care of the Parish Office Reception Desk. These dedicated volunteers are examples of true Stewardship. Other All-Volunteer positions are our Repair and Facilities men and the staff of our Thrift Shop. The combined contributed services of these parishioners save us thousands of dollars each year. If we had to pay for the hours that they graciously ‘donated’, our financial report would be in the ‘red’, the deficit category.
Please note that I am not omitting the many parishioners who are involved in our ministries. Their contributions are numerous and cannot have a dollar amount attached to their stewardship.
I hope this report meets with your approval and should you have any questions I will certainly do my best to answer them. I want to thank our Parish Finance Committee, Office Coordinator, Money Counters and Accountant, who all assist me in the financial management of our parish. Most of all, I wish to thank each of you for placing your trust in me that I might oversee the resources that you make available for the operation of our church. Please continue to be generous and we will continue to be a truly Healthy Parish.