Benchmarks of a Healthy Parish: Repair, Maintenance, Renovation

Besides the care of our parishioners, another necessity is the care of the buildings on our property. These include the Church, Rectory, Gym, Parish Center, Makai House and Thrift Shop. As you can probably surmise, each of them is ‘growing old gracefully’ and have to be kept in good shape both for ourselves and our Tenants (Kama’aina Kids and Easter Seals). In order to keep these buildings operational, we schedule regular assessment inspections for repair, necessary maintenance and any necessary renovations. To accomplish each of these things we depend upon your generous contributions to the Major Maintenance Fund that is taken up each month. These contributions are in a specially designated Fund that restricts their use for only Major Repairs. Since this is a Designated Fund, the Diocese does not assess it in our yearly Assessment to them.
“Best Practices” that are specific to this Benchmark include:
1. A Five Year Maintenance Plan.
2. An appropriate Budget.
3. Identification of “Long Range” improvement Projects.
4. An active Parish Maintenance Committee.
5. Proper upkeep of all buildings and church property.
As Pastor I oversee all the above matters on a weekly basis. I would be remiss if I failed to give credit for the daily matters that are taken care of by our capable and generous parishioners, Russ Pinho, Tom Fake and Paul Hilton. These three men volunteer numerous hours each day so that our buildings will be in “Tip-Top” shape. Mahalo to them.