Benchmarks of a Healthy Parish

Recently Bishop Larry shared with the Priests of the Diocese, a new document that was
composed by a task force composed of members of his Priests Council and lay
representatives. It is titled: Benchmarks of a Healthy Parish. This task force identified
several factors that can cause a parish to experience a decline, such as changing
demographics, poor management, leadership issues, lack of an effort to promote
stewardship, etc. These “Benchmarks” are to be used as a self-assessment tool, for
both the Pastor and the Parish, to assess and monitor the overall health of our parish.
It is the Bishops wishes that attention be given to these “Benchmarks”, as it is mine, so
that we can better utilize the resources God has entrusted to us to strengthen our
Ministry to Christs people.
Here are the different “Benchmarks” that have been identified:
Benchmark #1 Pastoral Council.
Benchmark #2 Parish Finance Council.
Benchmark #3 Parish Stewardship Effort.
Benchmark #4 Competent Lay Employee Compensation.
Benchmark #5 Repair, Maintenance, and Renovation.
Benchmark #6 Schools.
Benchmark #7 The Parish Budget.
Benchmark #8 Reporting of Parish Financial Condition.
Benchmark #9 Bills are Paid when Due.
Benchmark #10 Sunday Giving.
It is my plan to discuss the “Benchmarks” that apply to our parish community (all do,
except the Chapter on Schools) with the appropriate ministries or parish committees. I
have already shared this document with both Deacon Ferdi and Deacon Steve and will
soon be discussing it with others in the parish. We have a healthy parish and we want
to make sure it continues to be one, for many years to come.