Church Pews & Chairs Project

As you are all aware of, we are in the process of replacing all the existing seating in our Church building. So far most of the chairs have been 'recycled' to the following churches: Mary Star of the Sea and St. Teresa's-Co-Cathedral. There is still one church who hopefully will be taking 100 of the remaining chairs.
The six existing pews have also been claimed by one individual. Disposing of these pews and chairs, for further use, is saving us several thousand dollars that the flooring company would have charged us for removal and disposal...probably to the land fill. By 'sharing" these items with other churches, we are doing our part in respecting our Island and not adding to the overloaded waste situation....and giving them a new home!
The cost for the entire Pew and Chair project will come to just over $100,000.00. We will be using existing money from our current: Major Repair and Maintenance Fund. Besides this project we are also using this Fund to pay for the new Church Flooring, which also is about $100,000.00. Praise God and thanks to your generous donations to this Fund we do not have to do any fundraising to pay for these improvements to our church.
Between both projects we will be spending down almost all the saved money. That is why we have this take care of projects and needed repairs as they become necessary. And as you continue to donate funds, that are specifically designated for the MMR Fund, the account is replenished.  Mahalo for your generosity.
Note:  All contributions to the MMR Fund are 100% used for these projects and are in a Diocesan Approved Account that is not assessed (Taxed) by the Diocese of Honolulu. Therefore, every dollar donated is entirely spent for such projects.
Donations can specifically be designated for the Pew & Chair Project as follows:
   1- in the name of a family
   2-in the name of an individual (living or deceased)
   3-if you wish to have these names 'memorialized' we will add a new 'Leaf' to the  existing Giving Tree that is on the wall when you enter the church. All that will appear is the name you wish to be remembered. It will not designate either a pew or chair that has been donated in their name. There will be no names attached to individual pews or chairs. [We will be using an Aluminum colored "leaf's" so that they will contrast the gold-colored ones that currently exist from previous church renovation projects.]
   4-no name necessary. (Since there is a space limitation on each "Leaf"... all the names of individuals in a family will not be possible.)
Suggested Donations are: $5,000.00 for an entire Pew
                                               $500.00 for a chair
Note: Any donation above $500.00 will be eligible for a "Leaf" if requested...but it is not necessary to specify a name.  Information that we need is as follows:
Church Pew & Chair Project: 2021 [Print all information]
Name & Address of Donor: ___________________________________
  E-mail address:               ____________________________________
  Phone Contact:                 _____________________________________
​Name for Memorial "Leaf”: ________________________________
Amount of Donation: _____________________________________
Envelope #: _______________________ 
All this information can be included with your donation in an MMR envelope...or mailed to the Rectory.
All Donations over $500.00 will be eligible for a "Leaf" if requested.​*
I hope that this information is helpful and if you have any questions about this project please do not hesitate to contact me directly: As the shepherd of our Holy Trinity 'flock' I am always trying, to the best  of my ability, to provide for your spiritual as well as physical needs at the church.
It is a pleasant experience to have your support when it comes to any church project. This is your church and parish family, and your devotion is a wonderful example how we all contribute to the welfare of one another.
 In today's Gospel we read: "I am the Good Shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me....and I will lay down my life for the sheep." Short of dying for you, I will do whatever I can for this community, but I cannot do it alone. Together we are the parish, together we are the Body of Christ the church, and together we witness to our faith. There is one flock and one Shepherd...and that is Jesus. We all follow Him and share in the graces and blessings that are available to us.
                                         God's blessings and mine,
                                                       fr. mike