Divine Mercy Sunday…and Every day!

Our readings this weekend offer us a great contrast between the life of the community after Jesus’ Resurrection and a cosmic vision of the Lord’s return in glory sometime in the future. They offer us two glimpses of the same reality, a community that is blessed by new life and one that’s promised its fulfillment later, both are expressions of Divine Mercy in action. But before it comes to completion there is lots to be done to build up the Body of Christ here on earth. We hear in our First Reading, from the Acts of the Apostles, that many signs and wonders were done for the people. The witness of the Apostles caused many people to join them, the Church grew through God’s Divine Mercy. Their witness was so strong and endorsed by God, that the sick were healed and evil spirits were cast out, God’s Divine Mercy experienced in yet other ways. As the life of the church intensifies with growth, we hear of God’s Mercy being shared through not only the Apostles but also by its newest members. Although miracle-working might not have been shared by all, they certainly proved to be good evangelizers and preachers, attested to by the rapid growth of the various communities now coming together for prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist.
Sometimes we may fail to see and appreciate that God’s Divine Mercy is so operative in so many ways. In the life of the present church our prayers must be that God continues to bless us with His, Divine Mercy. Many of you are faithful to the 3:00 pm hour to offer the Divine Mercy Prayer. Let your prayers be for the good of the church, the intentions of the Holy Father and our Bishop, and the needs of our parish of Holy Trinity.
Today is not only the Second Sunday of Easter but also the completion of the Octave of Easter and the feast of Divine Mercy. In the year 2000, St. Pope John Paul II established this feast. On the first anniversary of the founding of Divine Mercy Sunday he recalled: “Jesus said to Faustina one day: ’Humanity will never find peace until it turns with trust to Divine Mercy.” Divine Mercy! This is the Easter gift that the church receives from the risen Christ and offers to humanity.”