Easter Greetings of Alleluia

What a wonderful couple of days we’ve had this week. Our celebration on Holy Thursday was a time to be reminded of our vocation to be of service to one another. Jesus gave us the perfect example, by His coming to serve and not be served. We quickly advanced to witnessing the crucifixion on Good Friday, but this celebration contained no Mass…the only day of the year when we have no Mass. Despite this, the church still gives us the opportunity to take communion since we need spiritual nourishment to sustain us while we keep our bodily fasting for yet another day. After sunset on Holy Saturday the intensity increased as we lit the Easter Fire, sang the glorious hymn of the Exalted, candles burned, bells were rung, the Gloria was joyfully proclaimed, and the pinnacle of our worship for that night began….the welcoming of Philip and Chan into the arms of the church through the waters of baptism. Like Christ they went deep into the water and arose followers of the Savior. With the water not yet dried on their bodies, they were Confirmed with the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. God’s Holy Spirit filled them up and now they became part of the communion of saints here on earth. Just when that was over, we continued with the Mass and for the first time they received the Body and Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion. While it took many of us years to receive Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, they wonderfully received in one evening.
In dramatic fashion these two men allowed us to see the sacramental life of the church in all its fullness. They showed us not only what Jesus gave to the Apostles, but what we celebrate in our lives today…. Easter Glory! The church embodies the good news of the gospel, that life is stronger than death, light is stronger than darkness, and love is stronger than hatred. We are told to go forward into the world to be the light that brightens an all too dark world. We begged God to hear our prayers and He did! We shouted with glory and praise, and He was worshiped! We humbled ourselves and pledged our love, as His disciples. The faith of the church was celebrated in a fitting and glorious manner. Our individual faith was renewed through our joyful profession and renewal of our baptismal promises. The message of salvation touched our hearts and we were blessed. The glory of the Lord’s Resurrection stirred us up and renewed us…we share His Resurrection because now, again, His Resurrection is ours.
Easter blessings to all of you,
Deacon Ferdi, Deacon Steve, Fr. Mike.