Everybody Waits for Something

Waiting seems to be part of everyone’s life experience. “Fast, quick, and in a hurray” oftentimes doesn’t happen in most of our lives unless there is an expiration date included. When we look at the course of our faith history over the centuries, we always hear that someone is waiting for something to happen. The ‘Chosen People’, were not only waiting the Messiah but were expecting the destruction of their enemies. Then, centuries later, after Jesus died, rose, and ascended into heaven, the waiting period began again. Now the wait was for Him to return in glory and we are still waiting!
All too often, after standing in line at the bank, or at Motor Vehicles, or in a store, we are greeted with the phrase “thank you for waiting.” I’ve heard this so often that it seems to dissolve into the other noises around me. Yet this phrase is one that the church and even God uses. Yes, they use other words like ‘Amen’, ‘Alleluia’ or ‘Forever and ever’ but they all mean the same thing, the waiting is not over yet. We are acknowledging that Gods plan for our salvation has only been partially revealed and that there is more to come. This sentiment and promise are echoed in todays Responsorial Psalm: “our soul waits for the Lord, who is our help and our shield.” Our reading from Hebrews picks up from there and define faith as ‘the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.’
As Gods people we have one foot in the present Kingdom of God and are waiting to place the other foot in the ‘yet-to-come.’ So instead of being impatient as we await His coming in glory, lets be satisfied that we have something wonderful and blessed to wait for in its fullness.
Waiting in line like the rest of you,