God’s Miracles: Band-Aids for those He loves

I recently came across an outline for a children’s sermon that caught my attention. In it the author was going to ask the children if they ever had to wear a Band-Aid because they hurt themselves. He presumed that many of them had, and then he went on to explain that Band-Aids were invented more than 100 years ago by a man named Earle Dickson who worked for the bandage firm Johnson & Johnson. The story then relates that he married a woman who was a little clumsy. When in the kitchen she would oftentimes cut or burn herself while preparing meals. The bandages that Earle and the others at Johnson & Johnson made and designed, were too large for the small cuts that his wife incurred. So, Earle created a smaller, sticky bandage that she could use. His creation was given the name: Band-Aids and the rest is history. His ‘creation’ came about because he loved his wife and wanted to help her. 
    I was thinking about this story and thought of the many ways that God has intervened in our lives and that they are like Divine-Band-Aids. Our Responsorial Psalm for this weekend's Masses unfolds the many ways that God comes to those who go to Him for any need. Here is what it proclaims: 
 “The hand of the Lord feeds us; He answers all our needs” 
“…let all your works (that’s us) give you thanks, and let your faithful ones bless you.” Is this not a way that we should approach the Lord for whatever our needs may be? We must have faith and go to the source of every potential healing and blessing. 
“…let them speak of your might.” Whenever we receive something that God has provided, shouldn’t we give Him the credit? Oftentimes we ask for divine assistance but may overlook being appreciative for His response. The cure may be so incredible that we marvel at the results and overlook the need to give thanks. God surely knows that big needs need big responses. Oftentimes we may think that our needs aren’t big, but every concern of ours is a big deal to God! 
“…you open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” God the author of life and creator of ‘every living thing’, has created and can recreate according to His will. We, who are created in His image and likeness, are to be as complete as possible. When we encounter the scrapes and bruise of life isn’t it God who wants to come to our aid..and binds up our wounds? There are too many examples of this to cite from our Old and New Testament scriptures…you and I know them. He guided our Jewish ancestors by providing good prophets, judges, leaders, and simple folks who lived and worked to restore others to their original condition.  He sent His Son to demonstrate how serious He was about our welfare. Whenever His people encountered ‘difficulties’ it was these people who administered Gods Band-Aids. Sometimes it was words and oftentimes it was by actions that they assured everyone of Gods concern for them. Even after Jesus physically left this earth, he empowered the Apostles and disciples to continue the work that He started. He left them the necessary tools of power and authority (Band-Aids) to do a great job. 
“…the Lord is just in all His ways, and holy in all His works.” Everything that God does for us has a divine purpose and is shared according to our needs. In today's Gospel we are reminded that Jesus was sent to care for us no matter what our needs may be. This scripture tells of an enormous crowd that is tired and hungry. To satisfy them Jesus tells them to sit down and get ready to be fed. If He listened to His disciples, they would have gone away hungry and disappointed. Rather He cares for them, loves then, and feeds them. This is just the ‘Band-Aid’ that they needed. A bold faith requires a big Godly response. God worked through Jesus and allowed their needs to be met but there were also leftovers for all to take away with them! Gods' generosity again is made known. 
“…The Lord is near to all who call upon Him.” It is with a deep-seated love for us that God stays involved in our lives if we make sure He is welcomed there. The inventor of the Band-Aid responded out of love for his wife, with something that would assist her when she was clumsy in her kitchen.  God responds to us when we are clumsy in our lives and have a need for Him to help us fix things. We should remember that He starts with abundance, and we receive more than we might need. There is no limit to the ways that He helps us. 
     God's love for us is obviously better than a Band-Aid. Those small sticky bandages are only a protective covering that assist in healing a wound.  It is Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension that are the means for curing what ails us. He is the remedy who goes to the root cause of our needs and begins the healing from the inside out. Never hesitate to approach the Lord, “…The hand of the Lord feeds us, He answers all of our needs.” 
                                                                 Fr. Mike