Happy Parish Feast of the Holy Trinity

This weekend feast of the Holy Trinity invites us to rediscover the many ways in which
the love of God is revealed in our lives. Today more than ever we need to focus on
where God is present in every moment of our days. We are all feeling the pressure and
effects of Covid-19, the riots in our major U.S. cities, massive unemployment, disruption
of our schools and universities, rampant civil injustices, and frustrating political
situations. It is at times like these that we need to situate ourselves into the life and
transformative power of being in Gods presence, here and now! Our God is a God of
human experiences. He is where we are and wants us to always feel His presence. He
wants us to be constantly reassured that our lives can show and magnify His love and
concern for others so that we can amplify God's promise of human dignity for those who
are denied that dignity and feel less than loved. It is not about bragging that we are
specifically enlightened or politically astute, it is about standing together as a
community. That is the message and definition of what our Holy Trinity is about
community. At different times and places, we experience Him in the persons of God the
Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
It is through Jesus the Son, the Word became flesh, that God the Father communicates
divine truth to us so that we might know Him. It is through His grace and our
sacraments that we become children of a loving Father. It is through the person of the
Holy Spirit that Gods love is given to us and lifts us up to be closer to Him. Therefore,
the Son and the Holy Spirit lead us to know and love God the Father. This in turn gives
us many opportunities to know and love one another, another expression of community.
Each of these aspects of our Trinitarian God, allow us to experience a close relationship
that God’s design and plan for us existed from the beginning of creation. Our recalling
that God is Trinity, is an invitation to re-discover the many ways in which the love of God
is revealed in our lives: in the life that God breathes into our souls, in every wonderful
work of creation formed by God's hand, in the love of God dwelling among us in the love
of our family and friends. The reality of God is now experienced as something that is not
beyond our grasp. God is not only ‘out there’ but is also ‘right here’. This dichotomy
may seem to be strange and mysterious, but it is quite near and understandable. May
we become ministers and agents of a God-centered love, rising above our agendas,
ego’s, criticisms, and judgments to re-create, with hope, purpose and healing the true
world that God has entrusted to us. Gods goodness is reflected as Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit and through each of us.

Blessings to all you,