Healthy Parish: A Financial Benchmark

Another aspect to being a Healthy Parish includes the financial part of the parish. Did you think that money would not be a component of any Catholic Community? An important advisory group, in any parish, is the Finance Council. A pastor would be foolish not to draw upon men and women who are well versed in finances. Once again, I am pleased to be surrounded by knowledgeable parishioners who have experience both in the banking world as well as in the business sector. We meet each month to review the financial operations and to review our income and expenses. Besides there being a Canon Law (#537, 1280) mandating such a Council, it is just common sense that I receive assistance in dealing with the finances of our parish.
Key elements that are to be considered include:

 regularly scheduled meetings are to be held.
 that the members offer an advisory and analytical perspective on financial matters.
 help in preparing the Annual Budget.
 quarterly review of parish financial records.
 review and sign the Annual Financial Report submitted to the Diocese.
 work with a 3 to 5-year financial plan for funding operational & capital needs.
 advise the Pastor regarding stewardship and development activities.

Our community has had a long history of very capable individuals who have contributed their time and financial talents to the proper operations of our church.
Current members include Kevin McCrary (Chair), Ivan Ishii, Niall Kilcommons, Mel Frietas and Joe Chang. Also, we have technical assistance from: Mary Vrabel (Office Clerk) and Julie Ching-Sindiong (Accountant).

In a week or so we will be publishing our End-of-The-Year Report for the period of July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 that will give you a clear picture of how the monies that have been given, have been used. Transparency is important and I maintain a “full-disclosure” philosophy. If at any time you have questions, please call me,