Benchmarks of a Healthy Parish: Competent Lay Employee Compensation

The Church cannot preach social justice unless it practices social justice in its treatment of its own employees. A just salary takes into account the needs of the employees and the employees family. A just salary also considers compensation paid to persons of similar skills, experience, and responsibilities in the marketplace, In the United States, The National Association of Church Personnel Administrators (NACPA) annually provides guidelines to Church Organizations on such matters.
Employees of the Church should also be provided a reasonable standard of health and financial benefits that are to provide for themselves and their families for current and future needs. Both employees and lay volunteers will be in compliance with Diocesan Safe Environment Requirements.
Paid Lay employees include

Jenifer Weaver — Administrative Assistant (Fulltime)
Mary Vrabel — Office Coordinator (Fulltime)
Trissa Walter — Music Director (Part time)
Note: The numerous other wonderful people who you may see assisting in church, rectory, or in other parts of our parish campus are volunteers. They see their participation in the various activities of our church as part of their “giving-back” to the parish. It’s a visible expression of their Stewardship commitment. Whether paid or volunteers, each person who is actively part of the life of this church is very much appreciated and needed. Again, I thank you all on behalf of everyone who calls Holy Trinity their home parish and place of worship. We have a great parish because of the great teamwork that is exhibited by so many of you.