Healthy Parish, Healthy Life

Another Benchmark of a Healthy Parish is to have a functioning Stewardship Committee. Even before I arrived at Holy Trinity such a Committee existed. I’m told that Fr. Dennis insisted that such a parish group was needed. Praise God for his insight and for the members continued presence and activities. Some of the”Best Practices”’ for this particular Benchmark include:
• Pastor fully understands and personally commits to the concept of Stewardship as a disciple’s faith response.
• Pastor recruits and supports a Stewardship Committee to help educate and motivate the parish to action.
• The parish Stewardship plan is based on these four pillars:
1. Hospitality
2. Prayer
3. Faith Formation
4. Service
[All of these entail our Mission to Evangelize]
• Annual Commitment, of parishioners, are recorded, reported, and reviewed for action and improvement.
• Currently our Stewardship Committee consists of the following members: Bob & Charlotte White - Chairpersons, Ann Jones, Butch Correa, Deacon Steve, Ivan Ishii, Marlene DeCosta, Niall Killcommons, Paul Hilton, Rich Meiers, Ron Johnson and Scott Kostylo.
In the life of the parish I feel that Stewardship is an essential priority that all of us should take seriously. Stewardship is one of the backbones of a parish that takes the gospel message seriously.