It’s Lent...It’s Purple!

In my reading of St. Augustine’s reflection on this First Sunday of Lent, he addressed
the topic of temptation, obviously because of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the desert. He wrote:
Our pilgrim life here on earth cannot be without temptation for it is through temptation that we make
progress and it is only by being tempted that we come to know ourselves. We cannot win our crown unless
we overcome, and we cannot overcome unless we enter the contest and there is no contest unless we have an
enemy and the temptations, he brings”    (Augustine’s Discourse on Psalm 60)
What great wisdom, and insight, that temptations allow us to make progress because we will come to know our
strengths when we are tested especially in matters of faith and morals. Christ was tempted and He overcame
temptation and did not give in. Although we may be as strong as Him, but we are like Him since we possess the
power and strength of that same Holy Spirit that allows to do great things because we can call upon that power
and name.

As we begin Lent 2019, we have to tap into our desire, our appetite, to want to get to Holy Week and Easter Vigil-Sunday in the best shape possible. Our very desire for this goal will lead us forward, toward goodness and the
celebration of the feasts that recall the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Savior. If we begin our journey
desiring this ultimate goal it will only get better and better as we use fasting, acts of charity, and moments of
spiritual peace, to be our prayers along the way. Lent does not have to be grim and it shouldn’t be. If we pray
joyfully, fast joyfully, and are acting charitably with good cheer, then Lent will be a truly joyful experience. As
we do all of this, we move in faith toward hope, and move toward God. Use your bodies to pray, to fast, to share,
as ways to pay attention to God and be refreshed in His ways. The reverse of St. Augustine’s words are also
true. That our pilgrim life here on earth cannot be without holiness, for it is through holiness that we too can
make progress.

Remember, it’s Lent and it’s purple.
Lenten blessings