Lent 2020: Another Attempt at Holiness

This Lenten season we have another opportunity to move along towards greater holiness with the Lord. Something that we all can consider, besides what we want to ‘give-up’, might be to add something to our daily lives. Why would we want to do ‘more’ along with what we are already doing as our penance? Because that’s what we Catholics do!
Here are some suggestions:
1. Attend one of the daily Masses at 5pm.
2. On Fridays, come to the 5pm Mass and then stay for the Stations of the Cross and join in a simple bread and soup meal with fellow parishioners.
3. Drop by the church and make the Stations of the Cross either by yourself, with your family or a friend. There is a basket with printed Stations for your use at the church entrance, please return them when finished.
4. Come to the church, outside of Mass time, and spend some time in prayer with the Lord. Quiet time is wonderful.
5. Come to Confession some Saturday afternoon.
All it takes is a little effort and that can go a long way in being spiritually prepared for our Holy Week and Easter celebrations.
Lenten blessings,