Mission Statement & Handbook for Christians Part 2

Jesus sure was fastidious before He sent out His disciples to begin their missionary journeys. If you
read my message in last week’s Bulletin, you already know how much concern He has for every one
of us who claim to be disciples of His. Here is the rest of the list that I garnered from our gospel of
last week:
1. Just like He told them to travel lightly…we all need to take this advice to heart. We
need to make sure that we are not overloaded with ‘things,’ ‘worries,’ or other
commitments that may get in the way of being good disciples. Although it might be
difficult to be totally ‘worry-free’, we should make our best attempts to seek a calm
peace of mind that’s unencumbered by material possessions that might complicate
our lives.
2. He tells us not to “greet anyone along the way”…not meaning that we should be
rude by ignoring anyone, but not stopping to chat, gossip, or waste your time dillydallying.
3. Hospitality that is graciously offered should be accepted. What better place than at
a dinner table to talk-story about Gods goodness? Table talk centered on Kingdomtalk
can very easily go together.
4. All of the above suggestions, bits of advice, and wisdom from the Master should be
tempered by the fact that we must be realistic. Failure, resistance, and even
rejection might come our way. Just because we are excited about our relationship
with the Lord doesn’t mean that others will be. If it took us a period of time to feel
comfortable with the Lord in our lives, others will need that too.
5. No matter what, we must stick to our mission, remain positive, and never give up.
If we want to boast of anything, writes St. Paul, it must be the cross of Jesus
Christ. I hope that this outline doesn’t scare you but inspires you to continue the
journey with the Lord and be His best representative possible. He chooses each of
us for a particular role in the Kingdom, how blessed are we!