Sunday Giving: Another Healthy Benchmark

The generous support of everyone in our parish is essential to providing spiritual services, maintaining our facilities, paying salaries, meeting ordinary expenses, and reaching out to those in need. A healthy parish must maintain its generosity to meet all these needs. Currently we are ‘holding our own” but attendance is slipping, expenses are increasing, and giving has flatlined.
Best practices that are Specific to this Benchmark Include:
1. The Sunday/Weekend Collection remains the primary source of income for funding parish operations. The overall financial health is dependent upon the weekly collection. Just as parishioners have a “need to give”, the parish is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate resources are in place to fund the mission of the parish family.
2. A decline in Sunday giving could be an indicator of a challenge that the parish needs to address. It is important that the reason for the decline be analyzed and appropriate steps be taken promptly to address the decline. NOTE: Our Pastoral Council and Finance Committee are both aware of this situation and are currently reviewing the situation. Changes in society, attitudes toward participating in church on a regular basis, lack of up and coming “younger” parishioners, and the challenges of Hawaii’s economic situation all seem to be contributing factors.
3. Once the reason for decline is identified, the appropriate course of action can be developed whether it’s a plan to increase other sources of revenue, or a plan to cut costs.
4. The Parish Budget must reflect any proposed change or course of action.
Warning signs that this Benchmark is not being met include:
* Decline in Sunday giving from previous year or month over month.
* Sunday Offertory is less than what is budgeted.
* Parish Savings are funding current operations.
Please read this article with the intention with which I write It. To keep you properly informed of our parish situation, and aware that I am on top of it as best as I can be. Some of the challenges are beyond our control but some are not. I will always let you know how we stand, financially, spiritually, and in all aspects of our parish life. Keep up your faithful support and we will be able to meet our needs and thrive and prosper as a healthy community.