A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

The Glory of God to Come

“Glory that surpasses...” (2 Cor 3:10)
We all have a favorite restaurant and even though we might have the menu memorized, we often notice appetizing entrees at the tables of others as we are escorted to our table. Everything looks so good and we have great expectations that our dinner will be delicious. It’s the same way with our faith. We have the Holy Spirit, the Sacraments, the Eucharist and Church History to teach us of the Glory of God to come; our Eternal Life. No suffering, no pain, no sickness in that Glorious Life. Our faith strengthens our belief that through prayer, thanksgiving and by using His gifts we will experience the Glory of God in Eternal Life.

“You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity!”

Summary of Weekly Offerings Sept 21 and 22, 2019
                 Offerings $7,744.88                      MMR* $735.00
                     Candles $263.21             Thrift Shop $1,185.53
       Capuchin Appeal  $280.00  
                                        TOTAL $10,208.62
  * Major Maintenance and Repair