A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Reflection 226

The Mercy of Jesus

Wrath and anger are hateful things, yet the sinner hugs them tight.” (Sirach 27:30)
Grudges. We all have carried them from time to time in our life. They might begin with a small “hurt” at school, at home or perhaps at work. They can turn into a larger “wound” and we can become victims. Suffer from rising blood pressure or sleepless nights? Might be a sign we are carrying or “holding tight” this wrath or anger which seems to affect only us...not the one who “hurt” us. The solution? It might lie with Jesus. When we forgive...we are forgiven. So let the Mercy of Jesus soften our heart by offering...and asking as well...for forgiveness. A simple solution might be to just write the grudge on a piece of paper then pray to Jesus for forgiveness and shred the’ll feel a lot better with Jesus’ support and mercy. Let’s let our faith develop the stewardship of Jesus’ Mercy in our life. Let’s be good stewards of His Mercy.


"You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity”

Weekends 2-3 Oct and 10-11 Oct 2020
Offerings                                      $27,490
Major Maintenance                          2,744
Capuchin Appeal                             1,425
Total                                            $31,659
Weekend Mass Attendance
                                                 3-4 Oct           10-11 Oct
Saturday, 4:30 PM                          74                  101
Sunday, 8:00 AM                            71                    76
Sunday, 10:30 AM                          79                    71
Total                                              224                 248

Thank you for your generous giving

Stewardship & Some Good News on the CoronaVirus #31

We’re still looking for GOOD NEWS as week 31 begins. We are now entering week 22 of celebrating Mass at Holy Trinity Church (in our clean and sanitized gym) as Fr Mike’s successful social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing policy has become a reality. In an attempt to aid psychological and emotional healing, China will shortly hold its first classical music festival featuring Wuhan musicians.   
The coronavirus is still with us. But the good news is that new cases seem to be leveling off in our community but we’re still required to wear a mask and maintain social distance. The Mayor’s modified “stay at home order” phase 1 will soon change to phase 2. Small gatherings are now permitted and restaurants are open to groups of 5 (related). In the coming weeks, we can bring guests to join with us for indoor dining. We soon might be beginning to return to our “new normal.” Let’s continue the virtue of patience even when it is difficult. Let’s join with Pope Francis and pray for an end to this pandemic.Let’s keep our faith in Jesus.
  1. In an attempt to aid psychological and emotional healing, China will shortly hold its first classical music festival featuring Wuhan musicians.   
  2. The Mayor has announced a “Farm to Food” aid program to assist disadvantaged families with food for their tables while at the same time keeping farmers afloat.  
  3. When it comes to CoronaVirus...common sense is not so common...chose common sense anyway.
  4. In an effort to deliver books to underprivileged children under stay-at-home orders, Kelly Passek, school librarian in VA, started a drone service.
  5. Beauty Banks of UK, recently established a go fund me account to raise funds for hygiene products for low income residents. To date they have raised over $103,500.  
  6. Newlyweds in Lancaster, SC placed a $2 bet and won $250,000 and will use the winnings to establish a start up business.
  7. Wear your mask, maintain distance and wash your hands. 
  8. Keeping up to date with Holy Trinity...easy. Check our website for the latest news and do make your reservation for Mass at 
Remember the value of what we have is truly realized only when lost. We’re learning to value our health and to care for one another. It’s the prayer of Stewardship at Holy Trinity that when this is over...that we remember the sacrifices we’ve made and learn to appreciate what we  have.  Let’s look forward to returning to the new normalchurch, our seat and most of the parishioner sitting beside us...even if at 6 feet away. Let’s remember the value of what we have when the good times return. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands; looking forward to seeing you in our gym at Mass as well.