A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Reflection 342

The Wonder Of His Birth
“On that day, the deaf shall hear...and the blind will see…” (Isaiah 29:18)
The decorations are mostly down and put in storage…our minds wander…what if we had lived at the time of Jesus’ birth? Our family would most likely have been traveling for the Census of Judea…traveling by foot. There were rumors of the birth of the Messiah…there was that bright star in the sky…then the heavenly singing of angels…and Kings from the East. For just a moment, we imagine that we can see and hear the happenings of that glorious day…then it disappears, and we realize we are living in 2023. Want to relive this awe and wonder? Well, Jesus came to this world to change it…to open our eyes and ears… One way to appreciate the miracle of His birth is to appreciate one another through the gift of stewardship. Give it a try for the New Year.  

"You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity” 

           Good News to the Parishioners of Holy Trinity Church
Jan 29, 2023
  1. Rikers Island, a 400-acre island prison between Bronx and Queens in NYC, housed some 5,700 inmates is now required to close by 2027. The Renewable Rikers Coalition (RPA) is looking to develop this land. Under their plan, current sewage and power plants will be replaced by solar arrays, battery storage and new wastewater treatment plants to service the surrounding populated areas. 
  2. Scientists estimate that only 10% of species on planet earth have been described. This past year, 146 new species have been named including “Rose” a colorful reef fish from the Maldives. DNA analysis confirmed the new species. 
  3. Got 40 years? Well, that’s how long scientists believe current global efforts will allow the Ozone Layer to fully recover. This will allow protective gasses to absorb UV rays from the sun.
  4. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Consider: Stan Lee created his 1st superhero at age 40. Vera Wong designed her 1st gown at age 40 as well. Miguel de Cervantes saw Don Quixote published when he was in his 50’s…and now…Angela Alvarey celebrates being the oldest person to be nominated for a Latin Grammy…at age 95.
  5. Think hard. Did something good happen this week? I’m sure it did. Then cherish that memory. Hold it in your heart/or in your mind; then when, things are challenging...recall that memory.
  6. Remember our gifts from God...continue to serve one another.
  7. When it comes to coronavirus...common sense is not so common...choose common sense anyway.
  8. Wearing your mask is now optional, but ushers will continue to offer hand sanitation upon entry to Holy Trinity Church. 
  9. Keeping current with Holy Trinity...easy. Check our website for the latest news and updates at