A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world

Reflection 197



“Do not fear, for I am with you.” (Isaiah 41:10)
There was a college student, planning an Easter break. Tickets purchased to go to a big city to tour the sights...and then came the CoronaVirus. Plans changed...and the student was homeward bound. Not bad, a warm bed, home cooking and a car in the garage. But the loss of independence was hard to accept. This “break” crept on into and through the Spring Semester; studies and course work now completed at the bedroom desk and on the laptop...then we hear reports of the frail and elderly, perhaps home alone; perhaps once comfortable, but now concerned for food, supplies and medications. Their vulnerability to this illness...thrust upon them as they lived their “golden years” in the safety of their found themselves quarantined and alone. Trust in the Lord is always the best course of action, even if we can’t see it in the beginning...from our students to the, just simple trust; the same trust that cured Naaman from leprosy. As we enter Holy Week, perhaps without our customary church services, let’s carry this trust through to Easter Sunday..and beyond. Perhaps only spiritually connected, but trust in God’s plan, for when this is over...and it will...we will look back, realizing that God was with us through it all. Please remember as well that this weekend, Palm Sunday, the first Sunday in April, although there will be no services, no decorations, no processions, but the needs of our physical plant and our parish operations continue as does our usual monthly collection for Maintenance and Repair (MMR). Kindly continue to remember the support of our church; continue your on-line donation or simply mail your offering to HolyTrinity. Happy Lent. 

You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity”

Stewardship and Some Good News on the CoronaVirus #2

The stay at home proclamation from our Mayor has been in effect for two weeks. But we see more sun than clouds in our skies and this has brightened the lives of  many parishioners. A sigh of relief perhaps releases the strain of this imposed quarantine. It’s easier to sit outside for some fresh air or enjoy the aroma of a favorite bar-b-que recipe on the grill.
But There is more good news:
  1. Apple has opened its stores in China; FedEx sees an increase in China manufacturing activity.
  2. The canals in Venice are crystal clear and the fish thriving.
  3. Burger King is offering free kids meals.
  4. Netflix offered 15 new releases. 
  5. Neighbors have been seen hanging “Easter” lights (recycled Chrtistmas lights) celebrating the joy of spring and the Risen Lord.
  6. Families report an increase in online and at home face-to-face time with family; siblings say some of the best family times since high school. 
Remember that the value of what we have is truly realized only when lost. We’re learning to value our health and to care for one another. It’s the hope of Stewardship at Holy Trinity that when this is over...that we remember these temporary sacrifices and learn to appreciate what we do have. Let’s look forward to returning to church, our seat and most of the neighbor sitting beside us. Let’s remember the value of what we have when the good times return. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home. Happy Lent!