Holy Trinity Parish Council

The purpose of a Parish Council is to advise the Pastor in leading the spiritual community. After a brake in the meetings from March, we restarted our meetings and meet once a month.
Paul Hilton - Member - Meeting Chair
 Vickie Barela - Member - Meeting Vice Chair
John Kim - Member
Dorothy Maurice - Member
Jen Ishii - Member
Pastoral Council Meeting Feb 10, 2021: Summary
Our Parish Pastoral Council met on Feb. 10th with our full membership
Council Members include: Deacon Ferdi & Steve, Paul Hilton
(Chair), Vickie Barela (Co-Chair), John Kim, Dorothy Maurice, Jen
1-Introduction of Jen Ishii as a new member of the Council. Jen replaces
Dane Olaso who has served for the past few years but has moved out of the parish and can no longer serve as
a member.
2-Church Flooring Project: progress continues, and a Contractor will be selected from those who submitted
bids. Funding will be taken from our Major Maintenance and Repair Fund. Previously, we have received
approval from the Diocese and will soon sign a contract. The projected timeline is 5-7 months.
3-Fr. Mike proposed to the Council that we replace all the existing pews and chairs with new Pews. It seems
logical to use the time that the church is not being utilized to further look into this project. Currently, the cloth
chairs would not meet with the Covid requirements for disinfecting. The Council wholeheartedly approved this
idea and encouraged Fr. Mike to continue his efforts to gather information and pricing for such a venture.
Funding for this project would also come from our MMR account.
4-The schedule for the forthcoming Holy Week and Easter celebrations were discussed. A schedule of
Service and Mass times were published On-Line last week for the parish community.
5-A new program for children over the age of 7 who have not yet been baptized will begin after Easter.
Debbie & Deacon Steve Kula, along with Betsy Gunderson have put a program together and we hope that this
will assist families who have children in this age grouping. This does not replace any level of our current
Religious Education program...it is for unbaptized children seeking Sacraments.
6-Music Ministry was discussed so that we could do some brainstorming before returning to the church. It
was the consensus of the Council that we should explore asking parishioners who are musically talented
to assist us in providing music for the weekend Masses...when we return to the church building. The concept is
that we would have separate choirs who could take care of one Mass each. Deacon Steve volunteered to work
in providing Liturgical guidance to both musicians and singers.... but did not volunteer his voice!