Holy Trinity Parish Council

The purpose of a Parish Council is to advise the Pastor in leading the spiritual community. After a brake in the meetings from March, we restarted our meetings and meet once a month.
 Vickie Barela - Member - Meeting Chair
Paul Hilton - Member - Meeting Vice Chair
John Kim - Member- Recording Secretary
Dorothy Maurice - Member, alternate Recordimg Secretary
Jen Ishii - Member

Holy Trinity Church Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes  25 April 2022                     


Attendees: Victoria Barela, Father Michel Dalton, Deacon Steve Kula, Paul Hilton, and minutes by Dorothy Maurice  
Regrets: John Kim, Jen Ishii
Meeting started: 6:06pm with Opening Prayer by Vickie
Father Michel Parish Updates
*   Religious Education: May 7th , 21st , 28th  First Holy Communion/Confirmations  Sacraments for students
*   Maintenance will repair Kiosk for collections at entrance of church
*  Easter Attendance: 992 adults in 2022, 670 in 2021, 0 in 2020 due to Covid
  • Parish Revitalization:  Easter “After Mass Refreshments” retrospective by Vickie, well received, rebuilding our church community with simple social gathering while having POG, donuts, cake. Create a Refreshment committee.
  • Parish Council will email surveys to the Ministry leaders to ascertain the status of each ministry
Old Business:
  • Parish Pastoral & Strategic Plan – connect with our ministries’ leaders   
New Business:
  • Bulletins will remain on-line, Evangelization for next month
Pastoral Council Round Table: 
  • Father Mike needs photographers, preferably designated parishioners who are not yet involved in ministries, at each mass to take photos of key moments like Baptism, Confirmation, etc. 
  • Dorothy recommends increasing outdoor speaker volume so that parishioners on patio can hear Father Mike clearly, like the choir.
Next Meeting date/time:   25 May 2022, Wednesday 6pm in person at the Rectory
Meeting Closed: 7:36pm with a closing prayer