Holy Trinity Parish Council

The purpose of a Parish Council is to advise the Pastor in leading the spiritual community. After a brake in the meetings from March, we restarted our meetings and meet once a month.
 Vickie Barela - Member - Meeting Chair
Paul Hilton - Member - Meeting Vice Chair
John Kim - Membern- Recording Secretary
Dorothy Maurice - Member
Jen Ishii - Member

Holy Trinity Church Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

May 19th, 2021     
Meeting Started: 7:02pm
Attendees: Fr. Mike Dalton, Dcn. Steve, Vickie Barela, Paul Hilton, Jen Ishii, Rich Meiers
(guest), John Kim
Regrets: Dcn. Ono, Dorothy Toni Maurice
Social Media at HT with Rich Meiers
• Shared overview of social media platforms and user demographic.
• HT MyParish App activity is high and recently increasing.
• Instagram can bring broader engagement however requires
significant internal resource.

Preliminary Social Media Ideas (Jen)

• Reviewed Instagram test site and its functionality.
• Hashtags #holytrinityHI and #holytrinityHTC are available.
• Father raised concerns about content control and suggested Jen to
connect with Francis Kung on guidance and best practice.

Parish Updates (Fr Mike)

• Mass attendance is on an uptick with elders returning.
• Budgeting process: PT Administrative Assistant included.
• Final religious-ed classes were last weekend and Confirmation and
Holy Communion in upcoming weekend.
• COVID-19: Parish grounds activities will start only after the State
guideline change. Diocese will then provide direction on mass
seating and other guidelines.

Projects (Fr Mike)

• Church pew PO signed with lead-time of three to four months.
Windows will be installed before new floor installation. Expecting
total project completion by Nov/Dec 2021.

Council Members Round Table

• Paul: standing during the gospel reading. Fr. Mike will discuss
with leadership and advise.
•. Jen: church’s position on vaccination. Fr. Mike encouraged
everyone to get vaccinated.
Next Meeting: June 23rd Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Meeting closed: 8:11pm